In families with a strong Christian faith, the christening of a newborn child is an essential part of their life. Within the first few weeks of their lives, the parents will plan a christening ceremony for their new son or daughter. The ceremonies can turn into an elaborate affair where many friends and family members attend, including the chosen Godmother and Godfather. Along with all of the pageantry of the ceremony and sometimes parties afterward, one of the most important aspects to the christening is the gown itself.

Elegance and Symbolism

These are more than just a piece of clothing worn by a child during this important religious ceremony. They are a symbol of the innocence, purity, and cleanliness of newborns. To assist in conveying the innocence and purity of the child these beautiful and often times, elegant gowns, are typically created using white linen, cotton, or silk fabric. To enhance the beauty of the gowns, the use of intricate embroidery or lace is quite common. Some parents even pair the child’s ceremonial gown with a matching bonnet. Regardless of how intricate a child’s christening outfit may be, or how simple its design, there is no denying the beauty of a young infant in a fashionable gown on their special day.


When the time comes to start planning a christening, choosing the correct christening gown is a very special process. Although there are many high-end stores that sell quality christening gowns, for many parents following the traditions of the family is essential. For this reason, many parents opt to use an heirloom christening gown that many members of the family from different generations have also worn on the day of their christening. Other parents opt to have a special christening gown made for their child using some of the lace material, or fabric, from the wedding dress of the mother. In some cases, these special handmade christening gowns are used for all of the children that the couple has together.

This is always a special time for the entire family. So make sure that you pick some thing you absolutely adore.

Christening gowns are more than just fancy clothing that a child wears once in their life. Christening gowns are the beautiful symbol of the purity and innocence of a new life that a couple has brought into the world. A symbol passed down from one generation to the next, in many cases.

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