If you don’t have a tall figure, don’t worry, sticking to some dressing tips will make you look taller.

1. Dress

Key words: length, little overall

The length of the dresses had better not reach your knees; otherwise you will look more petite in the dress. Some fashion elements can be integrated into the dress, such as lace and printed flowers. Dresses that meet these demands can be found easily in Herve Leger.

Some of you may eager to try on the long-length dresses which are very prevalent this year, but how to avoid being undersized in this kind of dress, I advise you to match with a small overall or jacket, which will raise your waist effectively.

2. Trousers

Key words: shorts, high waist, wide leg pants

Shorts are the necessities in summer; petite girls should choose high waist style, which will increase the visual length of your leg and make you look more slender. Personally, I fancy the high waist pants with wide legs, which is very sophisticated and fashionable.

3. Belts

I admit that the innate figure proportion is very important to dressing well; however, we also have method to change it. Belt is a magic item, which can change your figure proportion and even create a “Three seven” golden ratio for you. The long-length dress that mentioned above also can be the new beloved item by using the belt skillfully.

4. T-shirts

Key words: length

I believe there must be tons of T-shirts in your closet, but suitable ones are sparse. Try to avoid the loose and long T, and put on the short ones. The primary principle is that try your best to raise the waist, because long legs will make you appear slender.

And the T-shirts with patterns in the part of chest, which will draw others’ attention to the top.

5. High-heels

High heels are must-have fashion item for girls, especially the petite girls. High heels not only increase your real height immediately, but also add temperament and glamour to you.

6. Color

In addition to the styles, the selection of color is also very crucial; you have to avoid some deep and heavy colors, which will downsize your height visually. Pure white is definitely the best choice. Other bright colors are also very suitable.

7. Hairstyle

Don’t always tie your hair up, try to have a fluffy hairstyle, which will look better when matched with dresses.

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